Newly released: The stunning new monograph from Rizzoli 

"LaMonte's highly charged works embody a challenge to historic conceptions of the female nude. Integrated into a comprehensive monograph are 250 images of her acclaimed series--from glass, ceramic, bronze, and rusted iron-draped female figures to timely explorations in climatology and biomimetics. In this definitive look at a vital contemporary artist, essays by award-winning authors frame LaMonte's work in the context of female identity, music, art history, and science, placing her alongside other contemporary sculptors who have adopted the human body as an vehicle for expressing the human condition."

Featuring essays by Arthur Danto, Brett Littman, Laura Addison, Steven A. Nash, and Lucy R. Lippard

Hardcover. 256p.

Order now from Rizzoli.

The new monograph about the Nocturne sculptures is now available on Amazon

"An engrossing exploration of the artworks of Karen LaMonte, a renowned contemporary artist who has gained international recognition for creating life-sized figurative sculptures that investigate complex ideas of identity, body culture, femininity, fashion, feminism, transience, and perceptions of beauty. This monograph focuses on LaMonte's Nocturnes series, featuring essays by Dr. Steven Nash and the artist, and over 200 pages of beautiful color plates."

Featuring essays by Steven A. Nash and Karen LaMonte

Hardcover.  250p. 

Order now from Amazon.

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